Save Money On Your Back to School Supplies List Right Now!

Save money on your back to school supplies

Are you thinking about your kids back to school supplies list already? Are you interested in how you can save money on your back to school supplies list, right now? Well not fear, you picked the right time to save. I am featured in The Washington Post giving my advice on how you can buy all the best supplies without breaking the bank.

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How to save big bucks on school

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How to Become an Effective  Writing Coach and Earn Extra Income

To be a writing coach requires great writing skills. Needs execution that shows love and passion for teaching others while gauging progress.  There are two major advantages that you can reap in becoming a coach. These are as follows:

Time flexibility.

It gives someone in such a profession the freedom to choose the time and place. They can mentor either in their homes, coffee shop, or even on an online platform.

Design own number of hours.

As a mentor, you hold the time at which you want to work. The number of hours spent on teaching depends on the price of the tutorial package. A minimal investment can make you start a coaching business.

Now, let us dig in further to know the specific roles of the coach. As well as the extent of teaching their students. Read on and together we learn together.

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What are the Specific Duties of a Writing Coach to their Respective Clients or Students?

Role#1: The duties of a writing coach will be focused on gauging on their clients or students. That is in terms of their needs in the discipline of writing.

Role#2: As a coach, you will guide them in different writing tasks. Like on how to plan possible topics for an essay. It would be including the proofreading of a final draft.

Role#3: Aside from assisting the clients or students coaches. They may also handle other responsibilities outside one on one mentoring. Duties such as attending staff meetings and conducting presentations to the campus organization.  As a writing coach, it is required to be as detailed as possible. And completes written summaries of each group or individual coaching session.

How much is an Average Earning Potential of a Writing Coach?

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It is good to know how much money someone can potentially earn who aspired of being a writing coach., says that the average yearly wage of being a writing tutor is $26,019, based on 2018 wage report. This is only through an estimate as the growth for writing coaches is not clearly defined. And not covered by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are the requirements on how to become a writing coach?

Educational requirements


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The required education of being a writing coach will vary. It depends on what type of writing coach services you will provide.  And, who are your target clients, or students? The least educational requirements you must have a High school diploma. Plus, an exposure or experience in mentoring others.

But if you are teaching secondary levels you need at least a bachelor’s degree. And if your clients are in college level or in the business world then you need a master’s. Or better yet a doctorate degree or any related field. The principle is, you can’t give if you do not have, you can’t teach if you don’t know.

Skills need


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As a writing coach, it is essential for you to develop your writing skills and abilities. You need to hone your sentence structure and correct grammar in creative writing. It is a must. So you have to be an excellent writer before you can help or mentor others to improve their writing skills.

Aside from writing skills, as a coach, it is important to have strong interpersonal skills. As you are to work with your clients or student in different backgrounds. You must show an above average attention and patience. Most especially when working with students who are struggling with composition and writing.

Bottom Line

To become a writing coach you must have an excellent ability and writing skills. And you must have a heart and passion to teach and mentor others. Being a writing coach, patience is a virtue. The money will follow if you have all mentioned above requirements.


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Want a Paid Out Dinner? Book a table with Seated Restaurant Now!

Booking a dinner table in a restaurant,  for two, or with the whole family may expensive

when it’s done often! But, getting a full pleasure of dining out gives us many reasons to get a reservation, tonight.

Well, you will be convinced even more if you’ll have this reservation app for restaurants! Let us introduce to you to Seated (if you have not known it yet ). It is a “discovery” app that gives more than what you have asked for.

And, what is it for?


This is as interesting as the food served hot in those restaurants listed in this app. And this gives you more reason to enjoy life to the fullest. A reward awaits to any user for dining in some fine diner in your place who uses the app in booking a reservation.

Seated is inspired to help local food-lovers to go into your nearest district. They want you to experience the culinary grace by giving out enticing rewards. It has been active in several cities across the United States.

To keep its users, an incentive program for each reservation, paid through a reward system. The company has several affiliated companies where you can claim your award. It may range from $10 to $50 for every reservation and has a bill minimum requirements.

It may vary from one restaurant to another, from the discretion and ordered size or scope.

In a nutshell, it depends on how much you are billed.

There have partnered with Amazon,  Lyft, and Starbucks where you can enjoy the perks they got for you.

How does it work?

Step #1: Download the Seated App which is available on iOS and Android.

Step #2:  Catch the best restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes in your city.

Step #3: Select your $20 to $40 or more per reservation reward credits from partnered companies. With a minimum spending requirement.

Step #4: Book a table for dinner and eat.

Step #5: Let the host know that you have booked with Seated to get your reward. Then, take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app. This is a confirmation that you have actually spent a certain amount excluding tax and tip.

Step #6: Wait for the reward to be credited to you once reservation is completed. It would take around 24 hours.

Here are more and recent perks!

With the latest update:

  • Upon signing up, you will get a bonus of $5. And another reward of $5 on top of it for your first reservation if you download the app through a referral link.
  • Seated can help you book a dinner in over 500 restaurants in the US.
  • A $10 Referral Rewards Program, means that if you introduce Seated to someone you know. Then a bonus will be credited to your account for every new user referred. And of course who have completed the first reservation.
  • For group dinings, book with Seated to enjoy the earnings of $20 to $40 bonus credit for each person in the group. This still depends on party size. Do your research as this bonus might be more for other participating restaurants.

To get the latest update and restaurant choices, reviews and to learn more, visit this link.

Wrap Up

Well, it is pretty a great idea to be awarded for something that we usually do, like eating.  Savings come in different forms, indeed. And now, it includes booking a dinner table in a fine restaurant. It won’t just give you an awesome meal but also let you earn rewards.

Booking a dinner date for a family gets together has never been this easy and exciting! So, grab yours now and reserve for the next dining destination. Download and book now! To learn more about Seated, please click here.

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How to increase your portfolio in options trading?

If you are a type of person who can master handling fear and emotion. Especially if you are investing in a highly liquid and a rate of returns ventures. Yet, in the look for a secured, more predictable and non-expansive capital spending.

Options trading is a good fit for you!

What is a trading option?

For beginners in this kind of business, it is an ultimate jargon. Sometimes, it is confusing to understand how options trading works.

Traders of this sort are in full control of their investments. And, if you want to try this, you can do it by yourself. But this does not mean on relying on a  financial advisor is not necessary.

This is a simple investment, but you need to get a full understanding prior to you getting into it. So, test waters if it fits your need and passion.

You have only two options:

– position in long (buy) if your prediction of the market is going up

– or you are going to short (sell) if you believe the price is going down

And the next thing you can either do is to ride on the market fluctuation whether the price is going up or down.

The reward for this kind of investment is high. And this also means a higher risk is involved. But, there is a lot of risk management that we can do to cut the risk.

Applying calculated risk management techniques in your trade is a key to success. We will discuss this in the later part of this article, so read on to learn.

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What is a trading option available in the market?

There are several options for trading available in the market today.

Check out a few of the top firm for options trading we got for you:

  • OptionsHouse LLC
  • TradeMonster
  • OptionsXpress
  • Thinkorswim
  • TradeKing
  • Interactive Brokers LLC
  • and Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.

It would be best if you to do your assignments as well. You can search from their specific site and learn deeper. Get to know about their individual feature, functionality and trading spread and commissions.

Select a broker who can provide a better help in your trading options. Like getting a user-friendly platform, low commission, and a reasonable spread.

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How to start Options Trading?

Step 1: You need to find a brokerage firm that will suit your need, you may choose one of the options above.

Step 2: Determined how much capital you plan to invest in options trade. Brokers will help you assist your investment potential and your trading experience.

Step 3: You need to Open an account.

Step 4: Choose what kind of option do you get. There are four basic types of options orders such as Buy to open, Sell to open, Buy to close and sell to close.

Step 5: Decide to buy or sell an option. The usual buying option is by a contract of 100 shares of stock is equal to one contract.

Step 6: Trading is more on speculation. To start trading you need to predict the fluctuation of the market. Then you decide whether you buy or sell, but find the best price for the position. If you think the price will go up when you buy if you think the price will decline in the future the best decision to sell.

Then after you need to plan what price is the best exit or when is the best time to exit. Basically, options trading is as simple as buying and selling. It is like other financial markets like stocks, bonds and currency market (FOREX).

Risk Management Techniques

We all know that options trade is more on speculation. So there are possibilities that your intuition where the market price goes is wrong right? If that’s the case you need to protect your investment for possible huge losses.

In every position you make, you need to plan on the effective risk technique you are going to apply. This gives a calculated risk for unforeseen events or if something else happens. Since options trading is a long-term investment,

the best risk management is hedging. So that you can take advantage either the price is going up or against your current position.

We strongly recommend that you need to study the most common errors in options trading.


Options trading may not suitable for everybody. Yes. This type of investment offers great profit reward for the investor. Yet there is also a high level of risk involved.

The good thing if you are well-guided, and you follow the rules of trading. As well as always place a risk management techniques in every position you make. There are higher chances of gaining than losing. So if you think options trading sounds good for you, learn more and get it!


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Making Money: Getting Paid While Watching Videos with These Websites and Apps

Now, we can say that our video watching time isn’t anymore unproductive. Since can get paid while watching them!

Is that for real? Aha!

Guilt no more with those feelings of spending too much time watching TV or videos for nothing. It doesn’t look as bad as you think. Because the moment sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn is now a new definition of a JOB. Not a waste of time, anymore!

There are companies that are willing to pay you to watch videos and TV. Well, this won’t make you super rich yet it gives you extra cash for something you love to do. Sounds awesome? And, yes it is!

Here are few but for real ideas on how you can earn watching videos online.

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Option #1: Swagbucks Video

This app is on the top list. So far, they give the best reward scheme that a lot of people already trust participating with. You can earn bucks when you join as a user who watches different videos. This could be world news, sports highlights and others.

Sometimes, they pay you to watch sponsored videos.

Like most of the other companies in this kind of business. Once the points you have earned will reach the amount that can be withdrawn. You can cash them in for gift cards from affiliated companies like Amazon or Walmart. Or why not get it to cash out thru Paypal.

Option #2:Successbux

Earning cash nowadays comes in different forms! As simple as viewing videos and advertisements, cash is ready. At any time to be credited to your PayPal Account. It has a low threshold which means that you can transfer or withdraw funds with a payout amounting to $1.10.

Aside from watching videos, you can also get the chance to get paid by other means. Like to listen to the radio, answering surveys and browsing the webs. Also, they will pay you for some product you try out as well as if you refer a friend to do the same.

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Option #3: QuickRewards

This is a reward platform that users of videos from USA, UK, and Canada can take advantage from. Alongside from watching videos, another earning are reaped by taking surveys. Also through visiting websites, shopping, and playing games.

Payments are credited to your Paypal or voucher for Amazon, Walmart and Disney Store.

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Option #4: Paid2YouTube

Get paid to watch videos on YouTube.  They give earning opportunities to anyone who likes to spend time watching videos. Though the pay isn’t high as you only get to be paid $0.005 per video,. So to earn more, you have to spend more time to get a much amount of cash.

But, if we look at it as part of the pleasure, it will always be a winning situation. As nothing is ever good to get cash for something that makes you relaxed.

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Option #5: Inbox Dollars

This company gives you a reward by just watching television. Down from other activities such as shopping and taking surveys. It is their way to know the feedback or input from the customer. So, they would help businesses improve their services and products.

Inbox Dollars is paid by different brands to provide that information. So, they look for people who are willing to share their time, effort in exchange for a real cash.

Upon signing up, you will earn $5 bonus as a new user.

Wrap Up

Getting paid by watching videos is such an awesome hobby or an extra job. If you are not fond of watching videos or you are the other way around. Take the chance to earn out of it. This won’t need so much energy except for the time you have to spend sitting on your couch or while lying on your bed. Sound interesting way to get an extra dollar? Try them now!

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