Save Money On Your Back to School Supplies List Right Now!

Save money on your back to school supplies

Are you thinking about your kids back to school supplies list already? Are you interested in how you can save money on your back to school supplies list, right now? Well not fear, you picked the right time to save. I am featured in The Washington Post giving my advice on how you can buy all the best supplies without breaking the bank.

Take a look here:

How to save big bucks on school

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Coupons: 3 Tips on How to Make this Marketing Strategy a Saving Grail For Customers

Ever wonder how this marketing strategy of stores makes you a winner by using coupons? Well, we often see these vouchers in digital or in a magazine or newspapers which tells us to save in few bucks. It could be from 50 cents to a dollar or more, but does it makes sense?

Remember this quote:

“ It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. ” – Seneca


Seldom we can see the importance of little things if it isn’t something that we get so much satisfaction from. We have thought that’s not worth our time to sort those out. Or don’t give a deal as it looks so much hassle. But the truth of the matter is, it’s really worth the try.

Read on. We got something bigger for you to find out! And that is to know how you can make these coupons a saving grail.  And creates an impact to a greater picture of the resource maximization strategy.

Coupon is as good as another currency, as Kathy Spencer, a co-author of How to Shop for Free, describes it. And, yes it is!

3 simple tips to get you to start saving

Tip#1: Look for the best place and sources on where you can find these coupons.

Here are some of those:

    • Newspapers. These are the earliest way coupons had been introduced to us even before the birth of the internet. You can find here coupons for different items and brands.
    • is another way to get these discount vouchers. You can print these out and tag them along when you go for a grocery.
    • Coupon Apps are today’s most convenient way to get these coupons. And of course, enjoy awesome discounts. Simply download grocery applications such as iBotta, SnipSnap and among others. Click here for more list that you can refer to.
  • On products. It always pays to check on the label. The packaging of the items may have the coupon inserted inside. And these are usable the next time you’ll get this product.

Tip#2:  Organize the coupon.

Keeping these claim stubs intact and neat makes your shopping systematic. Plan while you are still at home on which coupon you want to use so you can have them ready. This will drop the discomfort that can affect not only you but the rest of the buyers in line.

By doing this, it will encourage you to use a coupon as much as possible. As it is easy to use as your paper bill from your wallets yet stashing any amount from your bank account.

Now, dispose of expired coupons as this is good as trash. Getting rid of worthless vouchers will help you clear your organizer. As well as encourage you to look for new and better discounts that stores are offering.

Organizing your coupon will lead to savings. You need to take these little steps to enlighten your mind. That there is a good benefit that starts at $1.00 discount. You’ll never know, but it may bring great savings you if they are totaled.

Savings, it is.

Tip#3: Maximize your Savings.

Caution: Don’t use coupons just because you have it.

Mindlessly using coupon might lead to a disaster. You might have a discount, but be sure that you are going to use it for something that you need rather than a want. Or else, you will end up buying things or items not used which required you to pay a bigger amount of money.

To maximize coupons, choose to go shopping at stores who promises greater value of it. Also, keeping your coupons handy at all times saves you money makes you enjoy surprise deals.

Your creativity will also lead you to build your savings. So take time to think of the best way possible to get the best out of your coupon. Click here to learn more clever thoughts on how you can benefit with coupons.

pink and white ceramic pig coin bank

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Wrap it Up

These coupons as marketing strategies of stores are worth your efforts. Even if these look inconvenient, hassle and minute, it is still worth it. Remember that savings will start as a habit and discipline. If we learn to value these little things, then we are on our way to successful spending and saving attitude. Maximizing the value of a coupon is a real saving grail. Start it now and you’ll see.


Best Coupons

8  Places to Find the Best Coupons That Give You Heaps of Savings

Coupons are mom’s best friends. Yes, it is true as we can see, it helps us to make a lot of savings from our grocery budgets. So, we would like to share the love, here are a shortlist of the places where you can enjoy them too!

But how did we do those wonderful tricks of such pleasures of savings? Nowadays, there are even more ways to kill a cat. And, there are a lot of ways to find almost anything. As some of these are available and printable right there from your computer. Or, get it from your mobile phones, with no so much hassles.

Amazing right?

Read on to learn more.

Best places to find great deals via coupons


Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

A. Printable Coupons

#1: RedPlum

They are known for the coupon inserts on papers every Sunday. But, in case you’re not aware, they are also available online and can print the coupon from your home. They got sometimes have different offer online from paper, yet still of the same great deals.

Visit their website today. Go to the section of Printable Coupons where you can definitely find lots of offers. It is very easy to do, simply choose a coupon, click, print and go to the store and shop!

#2: Hopster

Here is another site that is worth your time and visit. Well, just a heads up though, they don’t have many coupons for common stuff like other places. Yet, if you are looking for unique deals or items Hopster is the right place to go to.

It has a selection of coupons for groceries and house old goodies. Easy as clicking on the coupon you’ll love to get, and hit the icon. Then you are ready for printing all at once to save time.


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

B. Download a Coupon from Apps

#3: Checkout51

Another app that offers best deals, hence downloading it right to your phone gives you so much favor. Aside from being a user-friendly app, you’ll get the true value of your money. By availing these deals into the stores they partner with. By scrolling over the different deals, choose that you like to get and you are good to go.

After shopping, save the receipt and take its photo using the app to get them some money back. Yes, cash will be given to you which you can cash out once you’ll reach $20.

Sounds great? Definitely.

#4: Flipp

An app which gives you a lot of great grocery coupons. It might not be so easy to use, but good enough to get the deals that you can take advantage of. If you are not getting the Sunday papers, so get this one instead.

Like other coupon apps, check on the coupons you want to get and follow several options. But you will need to own a card from the store you are choosing to avail which needs you to be online. The good thing about this is that you won’t have to wait for a few days to get your cash reward. All you need is to load the coupon deal to your store card. And upon shopping simply use it and get the discount right away.

Not only that. Another way to get the deal is by choosing the coupon from the app. Then, shop and take a photo of the receipt. Upload it and wait to get the cash they pay you for shopping with them.


Carry on, we still got something more for you.

administration articles bank black and white

Photo by Pixabay on

C. Newspaper Coupons

#5: SmartSource

This is the not so modern way to get the coupon but still works the same for great deals and savings. In a typical Sunday paper, you can find SmartSource coupon insert. It gives you different pieces of stuff to choose from. With the different household a grocery brands, no wonder that you will get all that you need.

#6:P&G BrandSaver

A once every month deals that P&G Brands offers to their consumers. We can find this as a Sunday paper insert, too, but not weekly. They are only offering Procter & Gamble brands. So, don’t expect them to work exactly like other coupons you’ve used.

But, it is not something to worry because the company owns lots of brands that we have been using. Definitely, you’ll be happy to use these coupons for your next grocery spree.

D. Other Sources

#7: Peelies

These are coupons that are being attached to some products we can find in stores. Check them out as stickers placed into different products. Offers awesome savings and deals.

Caution: Always take time to read the fine prints for conditions which are applicable. As sometimes it offers not just good for one but for several products. This a good way to enjoy discounts from different the same brands the sticker is slapped on.

#8: Catalina Coupons

When you go shopping, take time to double check on the receipts as these coupons are printed out with it. It would depend on which store you went to or on the kind of items you have bought. So, using a reward card, it would be best to keep track of the goods that you are buying often. Since coupons will be given for similar items.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope that we have given you the best ideas to get lots of savings to enjoy. Coupons are just like printed or virtual money that we can use to maximize our budget. So, take advantage of it, never put that to waste. We may not realize is that by the end of the year, it has contributed a part of our bank account. Savings at its best form — shopping for free or discounts.


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5 Tips on How to Start Quality Lead Generation 

Quality lead makes our businesses up and running. There are several ways on how to generate leads. It could be from inbound to outbound or through a lead generation company. Yet, even if the majority of businesses have been using this to keep them alive. There are still others who are not so sure about what is it all about.

This article them aims to touch base on the basics of lead generation. To help everyone relate and soon understand its importance.

So, what is a lead? It as important as the sales itself. We can take it as a basic unit of selling. Because without any lead no sales will happen and no small nor big businesses survive.

They can be an individual. Or a group of people or an entity that whom you are looking forward to doing business with you.

If a person or an entity is showing an interest in the product or services that you are offering. We can classify them as a warm lead. This means, when taken cared well, has a higher chance of conversion into an actual sale.

Lead generation

This is the process of collecting or sourcing out leads. Most leads are generated through buying. Or by creating an awareness as well as the beginning of a person’s interest in any of your product or service offered.

Here are some tips on to generate quality leads:

Tip#1: Get the help of the Lead Generation Companies

Getting quality leads can be challenging if you have no idea an where to find the best sources. In earlier times companies are being challenged even if they are buying leads. Sometimes they paid for it but end up getting an old, existing or inappropriate leads.

So to solve this dilemma, companies have sought for a solution with the help of the advanced system. You can check on these lead providers to get good ones. Some such are SalesOptimize, Hoovers, DiscoverOrg, Found and others.

Tip #2:  Improvement of Search Engine Optimization of your website.

This will help it become more reachable to the right audience. Landing on the first page of Google takes a lot of difference of exposing your site. So make it the next goal to make sure that your target market finds you right away. Also, this increases the traffic of the site which results in higher inbound sales.

Tip #3:  Blogs are one form of a content, yet it plays a significant role.

This can promote your site. And generate leads through other websites publishing your post. The backlinks and leads are generated to your website then. So producing a high-quality blog is a must, to be able to attain this goal.

Tip #4: Landing pages

Its purpose is actually varied, but it is more likely to capture the leads. Here, you will get to ask your target audience with their information. These are data that are essential for the qualification process of the lead.  However, if you are using a third-party company for landing pages.

It is wiser to keep them from outbound campaigns on your server for all the traffic will go to your website.

Tip #5: Current Clients are always your asset.

They can become your lead source whom can be more reliable. So to strengthen the business relationship is the main goal of the company.  That connection with the client is built on trust that started upon sale. So, if they feel secure and confident with us, they can refer us to anybody they know.

Final Thoughts

Quality leads generation is vital to business. As we say that sales are the lifeblood of business, leads are the blood cell of it. If we want to keep out business running for a long time, consider a good plan and pipelines of leads. Don’t forget, strategies need right executions to make it happen right.





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Debt Free Life

6 Helpful Tips towards Debt Free Life

Hilton HotelsLiving a debt free life is not a mere infatuation. Everyone wants and needs a stressful life. Being trapped in the rat race waking up to work and only to get a paycheck to pay debts. The sad reality is, it would be endless if you won’t plan to escape.

Get out as soon as you can!

So, how? Here are few but helpful tips that you can start with. Read on as this will be your first step towards a financially stable living.

Tip# 1: Make a list of all your outstanding debts.

person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook

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This is an uncanny way to find out how much the total amount of the payable is. It is like a roadmap of where you are heading to. When you paint the portrait of your indebtedness. It will give a better picture of the real situation.

Thus, the visuals will make you understand which direction to take.

Remember these important elements in your debt:

  • List all the names of the creditors you are liable of.
  • Take note of the interest rate it is currently incurring.
  • Be mindful of the remaining balance that still needs to be paid.
  • And, double check the monthly payment to each lender.

It must be included in the list on when or how many years are the target of the debt to zero-out.

Tip# 2: Think on which one to be paid off first.

blur cash close up dollars

Photo by Burst on

So, let us move on. Since you now have a better idea and a clearer picture of the totality of your debt, take a breath. Yes, let the air feel in your lungs and decide which one among the list that you want to be taken out first.

Make an approach that will make you win the battle. Take a look on which one gets the highest interest rate and aim to pay it off first. This is the best strategy because it gets a large part of your earnings.

Tip# 3: Seek for a lower interest rates solution

person woman smartphone calling

Photo by Breakingpic on

The high interest rated loans make your debts become even harder to pay off. Hence, negotiate with the lender to give you a lower interest rate to pay off your balance. Try these little steps to get the lessened rate.

  • Check if you are eligible for a better rate based on credit.
  • Sign up on com and find out what low rate balance transfer you can have. And, merge all loan balances to pay off all the high-interest rate.
  • Call your lender or Credit Card Company. Negotiate an interest that is doable for you to pay off all the balance.

Once you have done this, give yourself two thumbs up! You have taken a leap towards your debt free road map.

Tip# 4: Build your emergency fund.


Photo by Pixabay on, Inc.Why is this important? Look at it as an emergency situation of your financial status. Being in debt is like in a situation that you need to be freed as soon as possible. Because, the longer you stay in the loop of indebtedness, the stressful it gets.

Another point of view is that if you don’t have an emergency fund. Any some unforeseen circumstances occur can put you in debt. Because you will have to solve a financial shortcoming without an emergency fund, where do you go? And the worst scenario will be, getting the bait of a high interest rated lenders.

Tip# 5: Organize and plan for a budget that records all your cash inflows and outflows.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

Photo by Pixabay on

Be committed to meet the purpose of paying off your debts. So, making a budget will help you see the ins and outs of your income. Plus, with supplementary efforts below, the goal becomes more achievable.

  • Avoid temptations
  • Pay credit cards or other loans more than the least amount due.
  • Find ways to get extra earnings to tie both ends. Get a second job, if you can.

Tip#6: Keep a perpetual or secure employment

man building architect joy

Photo by Pixabay on

With all the suggestions we have mentioned above, this tip deserves a slot on its own. Because true enough that nothing will be organized and budgeted if there will be no influx of cash. Sounds sensible. Our jobs are our valuable assets, our business and employers help us with it.


In conclusion, a debt-free life is one of our ultimate goals. Since it relieves us from a stressful financial status. We don’t have to enslave ourselves from running in circles but never gets to an end. Certainly, there will come a cessation of the rat race, take an action now.

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