Five Basic Skills of a Social Media Marketing Manager MUST HAVE!

Social media marketing management plays a vital role in growing your business. And it considered as a channel of communication of your company to engage customers. Nowadays most businesses should create their online exposure. To compete in today’s popular consumer buying process.

Have you ever wondered?

The company makes a thorough hiring process. To get the best and skillful social media manager. Simply because the future success of sales and brand reputation depend on it.

Check this out:

Social media management job is not only about posting ads. Or advertisement, content to a business social media sites.

But the social manager is an individual in an organization. He or she is in charge of contributing and monitoring. Also for filtering, gauging and guiding the social media exposure of a product. It is also applicable to the brand of either sole or corporation.


What’s the catch?

Some argue that social media marketing manager it is not even a job at all. And that task and responsibilities should be everyone duty.

Yet, this job has become a complex and multi-faceted role. To achieve the highest level goals of each business.

So let’s get to it.

Getting a social media manager to be part of your team must have this following abilities and skills. First of all to ensure that everything must be in place. Second, to make your company or businesses will succeed and soar to its highest peak.


Here’s the list of ideas:

Skill#1: Customer service oriented skillmike-wilson-96168-unsplash

Social media manager must be customer service minded. Because it is normal that there are more customers using social media to find help. For them to understand the products and services.

That means that customers need a quick response to their query and complaints. The ultimate role of a successful social media manager is very important. And to handle all difficult question and complaints of the customer,  with care.

Skill#2: Social media advertising background or experience

According to the salesforce report of 2015 state of marketing.  Social media marketing and advertising, are most marketers focused to increase their spending. It turns out that to get an experienced social media marketing manager is a priority.



As you look for a perfect candidate to fill in this important role in your company. It is must need to hire someone not only master in this field. But one who has also a drive and passion to keep their skills honed and updated in this ever-changing industry.

The good news is…

Continued learning is now accessible online, through paid courses or FREE from YouTube.

Skill#3: Knowledgeable of SEO and content marketingrawpixel-587857-unsplash

It is very important that your social media manager has a solid understanding of SEO. As well as in content marketing because he or she should know how the promotion. And the distribution of blog goes and media content will fit into search rankings.


It boils down to how all content will operate within the marketing business funnel.

Skill#4: Graphics design skillvlad-sargu-620462-unsplash

In today’s businesses, to target the millennial visual-centric platforms will nail it. Pinterest and Instagram images are even more important. Yet needs a near constant influx of high quality and original images.

Sometimes all you need is a photo.

According to the article written by Jeff Bullas. Images receive 94% more views than those without. So, it is important that your social media marketing manager has special skills.

Here’s a clue:

He or she needs to conceptualize. And create eye-catching images posted in your social media and blogs.

Skill#5: Verbal and writing skillsrawpixel-804725-unsplash

Aside from skills in creating an attractive graphic design. It is also required for a social media manager to have an excellent command of the language.


Verbal and writing skills.

A this is important to express him or herself in a clear and comprehensible manner in behalf of the company. Although as a social media manager, it is not his or her prime duty to write a blog post. But he or she must be communicating with the clients or customers on a daily basis.

Final Word

If you are running a business right now and you saw it not doing well in the online world. Then you need to hire a Social media marketing manager to help grow your business. Avoid wasting your time and money in looking for potential candidates. We have given you the above basic skills of social media manager will be a great help of you. For more detailed job description of a social media manager, you may refer to this site.



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8 Ways To Promote Your Business on Twitter

Today Twitter is very important tools to promote your business worldwide. Aside from well known Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The recent active users of Twitter worldwide is more or less 335 million.

If you know how to maximize the 140 characters to tweet. You have a greater advantage to create new customers and promote your business online.

The evidence of effective twitter posting is when you can drive more traffic to your website. Wherein you can attract more people to visit your site the ability to see and read your posting.

Online businesses need to have an attractive, informative profile in your twitter feeds. That will help generates huge followers.

Below are some helpful tips to create a snowball effect that maximizes the result of content.

apps blur button close up

Photo by Pixabay on

Helpful tips to promote your business on twitter

Tip#1: Tweet Daily: it is important that people can read your message and remember by your followers.

To ensure that it will happen you must be active in your daily posting. To keep your tweets from getting faded in a crowded twitter feed.

Tip#2: Create a content strategy: the content of your twitter is vital for the success of your business.

You need to plan your content to become more engaging, and compelling to the audience need.

Tip#3: Retweet your favorite content. Sometimes retweeting gain more attraction and attention compared to post one time.

art awareness campaign concrete

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Tip#4: Use the correct hashtags.

If you want help on finding what is the right hashtags to use goto Ritetag. It is an important tool to provide you with the list of relevant hashtags. Limit your hashtag into one or two per post. Because this will contribute higher engagement compared to those more than three hashtags.

Tip#5: Use Promotional Tweets. It is effective to use a special discount or reward system. Give this to your first 50 followers who will retweet your message. Follow us on Twitter and get 30% discount on our selected item.

Tip#6: Analyze your competitor’s Audience. It is very important to know who are your competitors engaging on Twitter. To help you analyze the profile of each audience. And know their detailed information, insights, and comments. You can enter any twitter username to Twitonomy and receive detailed feedback.

tuned on gray laptop computer

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Tip#7:  Make a Twitter Customer Service. Each customer feels their importance to your business. If you allot time in responding to all their query and concerns. Encourage them to use the twitter as a forum. An avenue to discuss their comments, suggestion about your products and services.

Twitter customer service is one of the best tools that can produce new customers.

Tip#8: Use Twitter Analytics to check on how your followers are giving feedback. This will tell how your posted content stimulates reactions.  Use of your analytics dashboard, and make some change if necessary.


You can use Twitter to help promote your business online and becomes more profitable. But you need to have a better understanding of how to use Twitter better. Reading the above eight practical tips will help you grow in using the platform. These are goods ways how to maximize your twitter account on promoting your business. And help to augment your customers and followers online.


Social Media Living: How to Get Started and Make Money on it

10 ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social Media is a now becoming a trend, men or women, young and old they are on it. Other people might have been very lucky to build their empire that generates income for a living.

There are keys on how these people have found a way to unlock Pandora’s Box.

And here we are going to find out what they did and give us a chance to learn and give a try of opening our chances.

#1: Find your Niche

Okay, got it.

Yet, before we dig in further, we need to understand what a “niche” is?

According to Cambridge Dictionary,

“ a job or position that is very suitable for someone especially one that they like.”

It is then a combination of passion and expertise of a particular subject. This has driven successful people in social media.

You got to be sure that you enjoy what you are writing about.

#2: Be aware of the competition


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

They say, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”.

Well, competitors are not literally our enemies. But since they are our rivals from the attention of our audience. We need to do our best effort to know what they are and not doing. As this gives us the advantage to position yourself somewhere in between.

Take time to research if the market is willing to spend a dime, or do you have the right products they can buy.

#3: Increase your followers.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

To get started, you can’t expect instant thousands of followers. Yet it is a sure thing that you would need a few hundred to make a decent income out of it.

Like any other business ventures, there is no quick and easy way to success. Building up your audience on social media, it takes effort, right attitude and time.

Here are few tips on how you can boost your social media followers:

Consistency is the key.

Do write and post as often as possible.

Be sure to regularly do this or on a daily basis. This refrains your followers to get bored of waiting and lose enthusiasm.

Get an app that links all your social media accounts.

There are many applications and tools that will help you with this task. It will save you time and effort of posting a similar post to your different media accounts.

Read: How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies, to know more about some tool.

Interact with other social media users.

You have to reach out to other people in your niche by liking their post, comment, and share. This will encourage them to like you in return. This is your way to build a strong relationship with them.


The used to be a symbol called, “pound key” is now getting more popular as “hashtags”. This a way to connect to other people who share the same interest with yours. You can find out which one is trending. Creating your own and in spirit, followers to use it in sharing a related post.

Make use of the Analytics

Review what had happened. Take time to see which strategies worked and didn’t. Use sites to get these data which provides information as to what post had been the most popular. It will help you identify which content works best and as to when is the best time to make a post to get the best out of it.

Quality of Content

Yes, no doubt, we all look for the best quality of content. With all the various information we can get from the internet, we wanted to get the most substance. As for your followers, they also are looking for the content with the best quality.

Refrain from too many advertisements for your business. Instead, tell them appeal stories and they will surely keep coming back for more.

Monetizing the Social Media Accounts

Photo by David Shares on Unsplash.jpg

Photo by David Shares on Unsplash

With the few tips on how to have a better presence online, below are ideas on how you will monetize it. You may want to check them out and try them yourself.

  • Brands or product promotion
  • Affiliate links
  • Creating information products
  • Offer to coach or consulting services
  • YouTube Partner Program

Click here for more details information on each of the methods. On how to generate income from your social media account.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways of on how to monetize your social media account. But you need to harness your skill on it first before reaping the fruits of success. It is like building a pipeline that will later in be like an easy pipe that provides water. It won’t be an overnight success but with the right mind frame and attitude, it is always achievable in the long run.

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How to Make Money From Social Media

Social Media

Money Making: Discover How Influencers Stream Income from Social Media, Inc.Influencer, defined, as an individual whose effect on the buying decision. They are someone who is significant and brings authority to the mob.

Today, social media had been a great platform for many to show off their abilities. And this will later on it an entree to becoming an influencer, whom companies will be seeking after. To promote brands and advertise anything they carry.

An influencer who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram for example, can make more than $800 in every post. So if he or she posts many products from different brands, what do you think?

Marketing made it Possible

#1: Advertise company products.

come in we re awesome sign

Photo by Artem Bali on

As mentioned above is just one of the methods. These influencers stream revenue by represent a company or a product to followers.

Advertising indeed is a great business and it is changing. It is no longer the commercial we see on TV can grasp a chunk of the market. Social Media does. The best part is, it captured the young market, who are very active and persuasive. So big companies chose this medium and look for the instant-famous personalities.

Social Media is a like an ocean, wide and deep. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are few of the platforms available. The number of followers will build the reputation as an influencer. While the impact of the content they introduce give speaks the authority. Which makes act on what was being said.

Thus, making money becomes a consequence.

#2: Product development.


Photo by on

Even for start-up businesses, social media influencers’ makes marketing more effective. Most business-minded influencers developed their own product. Or, promotes items they sell in their company.

Once sales come in, income rolls in, aside from other promotions they do.

Hilton Hotels

#3: There are many products that you can create or co-create and use your influence to market it.

quote calligraphy under cup of lemon tea

Photo by Studio 7042 on

From physical to digital products. Almost everything is now possible to market in social media. People listen.

Then, they buy. And, finally, tell their friends about it.

Everything only started with an idea. Or a recommendation that a social media influencer is using or promoting.

#4: By promoting products or services of a brand, through affiliate marketing.


Photo by Lex Photography on

Your influence on your followers is very helpful. For every click, click, and sale or a visit to the link that you have introduced them, money touches down.

Wait, is this some kind of a digital hypnotism? Of course not! It a mixture of art and passion.

What else?

#5: Pitch sponsored post brands.

black business computer contemporary

Photo by Lukas on

The posts can either a piece created by the brands or by yourself, depending on what’s agreed upon. Visit Social Bluebook to learn about the rates for each post. It is a site that will help you manage all your social media accounts.

#6: Add this to your list: personal skills.

woman pouring down a brown paint

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Few examples of the skills you may have can generate income. Like, photography, content creation, copywriting or consultation. These skills that will make your branding that will surge income.


At the end of the line, the rich and famous comes like a couple. The best thing if you are a social media influencer is, you’re not only making connections. You are driving in money.

It is not so surprising how people have used their crowd. Not by gaining attention but by letting follow.

Money making on the internet is all possible if executed well. Patience and passion in what we do keep us going. These influencers have done something right to make them sensational. They are few among all users of the social media. And, they turned the heads of business owners to them.

Social media might be waiting for the next influencer. It might be you, after all. A heads up though, Keep authenticity and good publication. As it will build your online presence and reputation. So, take care of it.