How To Start a Live Video on Instagram

Thinking of starting a live video on Instagram? If browsing, posting and sharing content using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram was not enough,  Instagram like Facebook and Twitter now has the ability to share live video since late 2016.

Using live streaming on Instagram is pretty straightforward. But to make it lively, and engaging you must know on how to start a live video on Instagram. If you are not used to or don’t have any experiences or knowledge on how to begin. You can learn by browsing and studying the beginner’s guide that will help you.

How to do it right?

To begin a live Instagram video.

You can open the Instagram app and then either swipe towards right from your feed. Or you can tap the camera icon located in the upper left-hand corner.

From the stories camera tab. Either swipe towards the right or tap the live option found at the bottom of the screen. This will leads you to a landing page for Instagram live. Use a large white button to start your live-stream.

Don’t forget, you may able to swap which camera you are going to enable. Either using the front or rear or by tapping the icon to the right of this button.

You can also use the optional setting for Instagram live. By tapping the upper right gear icon. You can choose not to show your story from specified Instagram user’s. And you can limit to send or replies messages only to those people who follow on you.

The Instagram will automatically keep photos. As well as videos posted in your Instagram stories archive app and to your camera roll handsets.


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When you are Live on Instagram?

After you tapped the “start Live Video button” the application started streaming. It will appear in your mobile video feed. You can view also the viewer count that will tell how many people are now watching your stream. And the Instagram will also notify of your followers that you are now live.

The viewers can freely type comments. And you can see it popping up just above a comment compose field. Likewise, you can also reply to their questions and comments.

Other options that might be helpful to you are:

    • Face Filters; you can find a smiley face icon with three dots next to the comment field.
    • Add a Friend; the features allow you to add friends from your friend’s list. You see the dual smiley face icon on the right bottom corner of your screen that will bring up to a dialogue box. This is where you can start adding to your live stream from a list of friends. This is a very simple step on how to add:
    • press next to their profile image.
    • chose “add” and your video will be horizontal split-screen. Your friends appeared underneath your own.
  • You see who is currently watching; tap the eye icon found in the upper left. This is to see who is currently viewing your Instagram live video streaming.

What happens after you have done your video live on Instagram?

Once you have finished with your live stream on Instagram. You can just tap the end button in the right upper corner of your screen. You will be taken to a screen that confirmed your Instagram live video has already ended. And you will know the total number of viewers who are watching.

You have the option to save your video to your mobile camera roll. This is located in the upper right and at the bottom of the screen. Tap to share your live video for those who are not able to see it on live. But can still enjoy watching it for up to 24 hours after the video ended.


This simple idea on how to start a live video on Instagram will help you to start live stream using your device. But, to make it perfect and more engaging. Your live video on Instagram, we always recommend to further do your own research. And study because there are many available online Tips on how to make the best Instagram live video.



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