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Money Making: Discover How Influencers Stream Income from Social Media, Inc.Influencer, defined, as an individual whose effect on the buying decision. They are someone who is significant and brings authority to the mob.

Today, social media had been a great platform for many to show off their abilities. And this will later on it an entree to becoming an influencer, whom companies will be seeking after. To promote brands and advertise anything they carry.

An influencer who has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram for example, can make more than $800 in every post. So if he or she posts many products from different brands, what do you think?

Marketing made it Possible

#1: Advertise company products.

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As mentioned above is just one of the methods. These influencers stream revenue by represent a company or a product to followers.

Advertising indeed is a great business and it is changing. It is no longer the commercial we see on TV can grasp a chunk of the market. Social Media does. The best part is, it captured the young market, who are very active and persuasive. So big companies chose this medium and look for the instant-famous personalities.

Social Media is a like an ocean, wide and deep. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are few of the platforms available. The number of followers will build the reputation as an influencer. While the impact of the content they introduce give speaks the authority. Which makes act on what was being said.

Thus, making money becomes a consequence.

#2: Product development.


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Even for start-up businesses, social media influencers’ makes marketing more effective. Most business-minded influencers developed their own product. Or, promotes items they sell in their company.

Once sales come in, income rolls in, aside from other promotions they do.

Hilton Hotels

#3: There are many products that you can create or co-create and use your influence to market it.

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From physical to digital products. Almost everything is now possible to market in social media. People listen.

Then, they buy. And, finally, tell their friends about it.

Everything only started with an idea. Or a recommendation that a social media influencer is using or promoting.

#4: By promoting products or services of a brand, through affiliate marketing.


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Your influence on your followers is very helpful. For every click, click, and sale or a visit to the link that you have introduced them, money touches down.

Wait, is this some kind of a digital hypnotism? Of course not! It a mixture of art and passion.

What else?

#5: Pitch sponsored post brands.

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The posts can either a piece created by the brands or by yourself, depending on what’s agreed upon. Visit Social Bluebook to learn about the rates for each post. It is a site that will help you manage all your social media accounts.

#6: Add this to your list: personal skills.

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Few examples of the skills you may have can generate income. Like, photography, content creation, copywriting or consultation. These skills that will make your branding that will surge income.


At the end of the line, the rich and famous comes like a couple. The best thing if you are a social media influencer is, you’re not only making connections. You are driving in money.

It is not so surprising how people have used their crowd. Not by gaining attention but by letting follow.

Money making on the internet is all possible if executed well. Patience and passion in what we do keep us going. These influencers have done something right to make them sensational. They are few among all users of the social media. And, they turned the heads of business owners to them.

Social media might be waiting for the next influencer. It might be you, after all. A heads up though, Keep authenticity and good publication. As it will build your online presence and reputation. So, take care of it.






Make Money on Youtube

9 Important Tips on How to Make Money on Your YouTube Videos

Make Money on YouTube made a difference in our lives. It made someone an instant celebrity. Or learn a lot of things like cooking or inventions and most of all it gives us an opportunity to make money online. But, the question, is that an easy success?


Well, unfortunately, YouTube is not a platform that will grant you a quick to rich schemes. Yet, it is a spur to make money. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, right. But, wait, it may start simple yet, like any other success stories it did not happen overnight.

There are lots of pieces that we need to build up the victory.

Tips on How to Make Money on YouTube a Success

Let us learn how successful YouTube Entrepreneurs’ became who they are now. Keep reading.

Tip #1: Let us start perfecting our competence.

Yes, you read it right. We cannot fight on a battlefield without ripening our skills. And not only that we got to sharpen our edges. We need to focus first on how to be a YouTuber whom people will choose to follow. An excellent and high- quality content is a good start. Then, later on, learn to grow your channel – increase your audience.

Prove yourself as a creator.

Tip #2: You must make a beneficial content.

This is very important, so remember this. The content that you create must bring value to your target audience. It must connect to the followers which gives them no reason, unlike your videos. An example would be creating clips of cooking tutorials or recipes.

Tip #3: Build up a crowd.

You need a crowd that will love the videos you upload. So, first must get to know your target niche. After that, be consistent on the topic that you want to share, like something that you are passionate about.

Second, make use of the analytics found in your Channel menu. This is a tool that will help you know who your audience is. Also, this will give you an idea of the number of views as well as the source of traffic.

Last, involve your audience. You need to connect and make it personal. There is where you will develop the support that the followers can give to you.

Tip #4: You need to be untiring.

Patience is a virtue. Yet, it is not only waiting but you have to invest a lot of resources, time and energy, too. Winning this is again not an overnight process. To get to the goal, you need a much higher commitment that is vital.

So, don’t quit. Keep the passion burning until you get there.

Tip #5: Use other vending channels.

Here is the thing, spread the eggs in different baskets. To maximize the exposure of your videos, make use of email marketing. Not only that maximize the social media to let many people know of the latest video uploads.

Tip #6: YouTube SEO: Have a captivating title.

Put in the right title with the best keywords for the content. You need it to be concise and informative. To get the viewers click on the video, provide a good insight on what is it all about.

Tip #7: Creativity is a key.

The quality of the content you create magnetize people. To be able to be a head-turner, you need to be creative.

Tip #8: Measure earning goals.

To know if you are heading in the right direction, it is very important to check the improvement in earnings. You need to set the right goal if the targets are hitting or the videos are of best quality. This is important since it will give you an idea on how to make it better.

Tip #9: Use YouTube in many ways to make an earning.

Here are 5 of the most popular ways of making money on YouTube

  1. Make Money from Ads
  2. Sell or Promote Products or Merchandise
  3. Teach or tutorials
  4. Self-publish a book
  5. Become a YouTube personality

Wrap Up

It is quite inspiring to see how many people succeed in using YouTube to make money. Yet, we need to remember that it was not as easy as 1-2-3. Their accomplishments became a reality because they never stopped.

It is not an easy money after all.

We can say that some are successful in earning from videos uploaded in this platform. Still, it encompasses letting you inner strength move to push further. There must be tons of dedication, patience, willingness to learn and trust rolled into one. And that one is no other than YOURSELF.

So, if you think you got what it takes to become the next sensation of YouTube, click here to learn more.


Youtube Entrepreneurs

YouTube for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur needs lots of inspiration to keep us going. But before getting into that position, starting a business takes a lot of courage. Also, trusting our self is one of the major thing we need to develop first. Thankfully, YouTube channels provide great insights from outstanding entrepreneurs in the world.

Whether we are one of those people who are still thinking of how to get started. Or may be have been starting but still learning to reach success. So, to help you with it, check these channels that are both tutorial and inspirational.

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a public speaker who offers insights into Creative Services Industry. Video Marketing, Brad Development and Social Media Marketing. His brand is a Creative Entrepreneur.

Stop wondering how other people were able to start doing business online. And how they become successful. Tune in to this channel which will give ideas on how these people made it.  Not only that, you will learn how to overcome problems that entrepreneurs encounter.

Videos about entrepreneurship and personal branding are in this channel. As well as creative career advises, video editing and software tutorials. There are many video that will help your business grow start or to keep your business rocking.

This channel gives a lot of ideas about business in general. Please click the link to check on his videos:

Roberto Blake

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn aims to help us make more money while saving our time. A family man who wishes to help other people who are like himself to earn and support a family. Aside of his goal to be financially free, he continues to publicly share his learning. As well as the successes and failures he encountered while earning the money he have right now.

He share that got a diversified income sources. These are digital products, affiliate marketing, software, books, coaching and many more. Which he shows to his viewers including the income these business are generating.

Through his videos, he will teach us what he did to succeed. Also, we will get pieces of advice on how to get through from challenges in getting smart passive income.

Please click the link to direct you to his channel: Pat Flynn

TED Talks

TED Talks is a YouTube channel that shares best ideas from TED conference. These are coming from the different parts of the world. The speakers in each talk are trusted voices of icons. They have proven great track records in their field of expertise. These are the geniuses and convention-breaking mavericks. Every week, fresh TED talk is posted.

There a lots of things to know from the experts who shares their discoveries. It is so interesting that they share their knowledge. Which gives us the inspirations and to keep us motivated.

Kindly click on the link below for more inspirational and entrepreneurial videos:

TED Talks

Project Life Mastery

This channel is hosted by Stefan James. He reveals his strategies to live a fulfilling life. It includes ways on how to get motivated, his secrets to success and making money online. His changing beliefs and mind-set are shared to everyone to improve quality of life. He shares his principles that he had discussed in his blogs and podcasts. These are his way to help millions of people worldwide.

The channel designed to help every one of us. This is for those who are in progress to every aspect of our life to grow and achieve fulfilment.

Here is the link to the channel:

Project Life Mastery


The channel highlights success in the perspective of business, entrepreneurship, wealth, investing and leadership. The will focus to everyone here on earth.

We will see different stories of various people. Most of them shares insights about business. These videos are short ones, running approximately 2 to 5 minutes.

This is keep us in touch to the business world and how that part of the society built their business and wealth. There is so much interesting side of the business world that we also need to know.

To watch videos in this channel, please click the link below.



We need to be informed to create a better decisions in life. And business is an essential part of it. It will make great impact on how we live, if we fail or succeed in building our business.

These channels from YouTube got a lot of things to offer to all entrepreneurs. We need to keep learning to grow and live a happier entrepreneurial life.


Five Podcast Tips

PART 2: Five Podcast You Want to Hear


Five Podcast Tips ? Let us continue our journey in searching for a podcast that will match your interest. Here is another set of those that you want to hear.

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The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions

If you are looking for someone who can guide you. A person who that will teach you on how to balance life and money. The Dave Ramsey Show – Ramsey Solutions is the best podcast to listen to. The show is about real life situations and how money makes it evolving. It is nice to listen to someone who reminds us on how to manage and budget money. Not only that, he will teach us how to get out from debt as well as build wealth and financial freedom.

Good management of money will certainly reduce stress. It will somehow help refrain marriage conflicts which relate to money. And if we were able to manage our money properly, the financial security for our family will follow.

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Being unshakable according to Tony Robbins is not a matter of money, it is a state of mind.

In this world that is changing makes things uncertain, unpredictable and volatile. So how can we become unshakable? Tony with his co-host, Peter, tell us the secrets to overcome fear. They shared the lives of those who have been traveling through the hardest roads. Yet, these people still end up being successful in their endeavors.

Listening to this podcast will help us learn how to survive. By way of striving to achieve financial freedom, without being affected by what is going on around us.

For further information, check their website:,   while listening to their podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show- Tim Ferriss: Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig

A podcast from a bestselling author and self –experimenter. He is also known for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek.

In this show, we will be able to listen on how he breakdown world-class performers from mixed areas. He digs deeper to be able to find out the tools, techniques, and tricks that we as listeners can use.

For an episode, he invites great people who he can interview. He asks almost anything and everything under the sun. Throwing questions in a creative way makes the guest answer every inquiry he has on the mind. He let them share their thoughts which makes it beneficial to the listeners. Here we can be able to get amazing facts that we can be able to learn to apply in our personal lives.

The Trevor Chapman Show

It is about us. This is where human experience is celebrated. The podcast tackles interesting, high-achieving and most engaging human beings in this world. They will discuss all aspects of life like business, performance, and happiness. Most importantly they give insights about how to make this life great and fulfilling.

It is indeed nice to hear great things from people who have proven success in their lives. It makes us believe even more that this life is worth nurturing. To achieve the price already in store for each one of us.

The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk, #askgaryvee

In this podcast, we get the chance to listen to an achiever in business and a public speaker. This show discusses the variety the #askgaryVee show episodes. Also tackles marketing and business segments from his DAILYVEE video series. We will hear his interviews with different people that might capture your interest.

He will share with us personal thoughts about any topics that are fascinating too.


Again, listening to the different podcast which captures our interest will help us. It makes us grow in knowledge and understanding. We will be able to feel and know why other people are such, or why they are different from us. They got the experience that made them who they are. This is a way that we get to learn these people better and somehow also learn more about ourselves.

The podcast is a pavement to the whole world interconnection and collation. It is not about speculating what these people do. But it is more on how can we learn from their successes to make a better version of ourselves. Listening to them is the most convenient way for us to know what is missing in what we do to be an achiever as well. So let’s continue to learn and get inspired. Get motivated and let’s move.

Five Podcast

PART 1: Five Podcast You Want to Hear

Business woman listening to music

Podcasting is on its way to being so famous. It becomes a medium of expressing an idea and story. There is so much fun listening to these five podcasts that we want you to hear as well.  Here comes a mixture of various topics that touch human interest. So without so much ado, may we take a sneak peek into these podcasts?

Build an Online Business- Online Masters Course

This podcast will help us in knowing how we can become a successful Amazon entrepreneur. It boosts confidence to anyone to be able to start a business by following the simple process. They share helpful strategies and techniques to make a home-based business a triumphant.

One of the things highlighted in an episode, which is helpful was about how to rank on Google. It says, ranking better will give us more business. Yet, equally important to keep things simple and focused. This is very crucial. To be able to get there, we need to understand what the users are actually looking for.

This is just a few of the best learning we can get while listening to this podcast.

The Passive Income Report – The Passive Income Report

Now, here is a very interesting episode we have checked. It talked about how a common person was able to make a sale of $46,500.00 in 30 days! It gave an amazing idea that learning will lead to success. A testimonial on how well he did after applying all the instructions. Listening to this podcast is a good way to be motivated. This might require us to go out from our comfort zone and learn new things, well, not bad if it will lead to a success.

It contains realistic ideas to help us decide if we want to do online business. Yet, The Passive Income Report Team teaches us to follow the 16-Step Process to be able to generate income. And through their podcast, each one of us can learn from them and leads us to a journey that makes life meaningful.

Planet Money – NPR

As exciting as the rest, Planet Money, tackles about the US economy. And this is a great way for us to learn more and understand better what is going on economically speaking. It feels like, we got the chance to interact with the people who know the economy better. It is a way to be able to become knowledgeable in that aspect of living.

This is about real stories which affect everyone as economy impacts all us.

Sharing a great deal of knowledge will give you so much in life. This is an exciting way to do it, be informed and inform others about it and no one will get behind.

How I Build This with Guy Raz – NPR

Inspirational. It is truly a piece of advice if you will hear someone telling you to listen to this podcast. Guy Raz, gets into the real story behind successes of some known companies. We will get to know the humble beginnings of entrepreneurs and idealist themselves. We hear the guests’ voices full of reality and sincerity. Thus, making it more relate-able.

This moves us to become motivated in building our lives and dreams. Because these people are the living testimonies most of us wanted to hear.

Work life with Adam Grant – TED

This is one of our favorites. The realistic possibilities which unfolded in each discussion. We got to be able to explore a lot of amazing ideas that will help us grow as a person. And will make us a better player in a team or a leader. This so inspirational which make us realize that we can make our role in a team better. It opens our eyes to see that we can make work and life more meaningful and beautiful.


Knowledge is the beginning of power. We should learn to accept that there many things that we do not know yet. We can only gain once we open our minds to hear or know what has been experienced by other people. The person behind every podcast, could it be the host or the guest got what we need to learn.

Hearing them sharing a part of their life creates a connection between us. It creates no boundaries when we allow ourselves to accept the good things they are giving.