Tips on How to Make Money At Home, Be a Transcriptionist

You can earn money while you are in your home. Convert your idle time into cash instead of watching TV, computer games, or doing nothing. Why not give a try, become a freelance or full-time transcriptionist at the comforts of your home. And earn a comfortable living.

What is Transcription jobs?

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Basically, this is a kind of gig where you scribe a live or recorded speech. Its goal is to convert audio scripts into written or electronic text document. Common examples of this jobs are transcribing a physician’s recorded voice notes. People doing this are called or medical transcriptionist.

In court hearing or proceedings, they are otherwise referred to as legal transcriptionist.

Being a professional transcriptionist is not an easy job or a get rich quick scheme. Yet, this is quite a rewarding Gig compared to other available online opportunities. All you have to do is to uncover the secret of how to become successful in this field.

The key: Learn and practice the skills required.

Here, we will divulge some tips on how to make money being a transcriptionist.  Also, we aim to clear some misconception about this job.

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Tip# 1. You need to have enough training.

It is a real misinformation when people say that training is unnecessary. Getting general transcription job is as challenging as any other task not known to you.  Even you are good at typing and listening skills. Proper training is important. Because being a transcriptionist it involves much more typing job.

Here are things that you need to master.

    • You should know how to format right each type of transcription.
    • Learn on how to use the time coding, proper use of grammar like dash, comma, ellipses.
  • You should be equipped to know proper notation of poor audio.

Knowing these things gives you a better idea of how to qualify and become effective in this job. Someone needs excellent training to succeed in this field.

Tip #2. You need to be an intelligent marketer

Being an intelligent marketer is not at all about you. That you have a strong sales person personality. More than the skills of a sales agent, a multi-level marketer, and other offline salespeople. It works like sharing your skill to market your potential

Bear in mind that all businesses need someone who can do the job right, and this requires skills. And getting that edge, the higher is your chances of getting success. Sell your capabilities out, as this is one route to get yourself a high paying job.

Tip #3. You should choose the company that can provide high paying rate

Do not waste your time and effort to the company who are at a low paying scheme. It will surely end you up with great frustrations. You need to spend time seeking the big box company that can provide high paying gigs. Our goal is getting a job that can make our living comfortable so the right choice of company is very important.


There is always an opportunity to earn a decent income. And landing a job as a transcriptionist and a typing job is just one of those. Yet, we need to follow the above given tips.  For a greater chance of successfully going to a better pasture.

Always remember to gain an excellent training. All in listening, typing, grammar and correct notation to get the right company. Master to market your skills and show self-confidence at all the times. And finally, try to research the company first if they can provide for your financial needs.  As well as if you fit their requirements. Becoming transcriptions and earning at home is such a great opportunity that we all can enjoy.



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