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SLS HotelLiving up to some of the words in its title, SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel is a hotel on the beach and quite luxurious.  Upon entry onto the property, I made note of the offer to rent a luxury Lamborghini.  Making note does not necessarily mean that I will blow my latest paycheck on such opulence but it is always nice to know that the option is there if I so choose to do so (which I don’t by the way).  

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The front desk check-in was actually to the side of the entrance.  I made note of the imported Brazilian Cherry Wood (note, I have no idea what type of wood that was used for the front desk so Brazilian Cherry Wood sounds good, but probably not true).  The staff at the front desk was very friendly, I mean friendlier than the average hotel friendly, and very accommodating to hold my bag while I look for the rest of my party. Fortunately, I found my friend quickly in the lounge/bar area and proceed to enjoy a Jasmine’s Margarita which I found tasty and not too heavy with the blanco tequila pour (but they could have been heavy with the pour and it would have been alright with me).

I found the elevator quite intimate (small) on the ride up to the fourth floor.  IMG_0010I think it is safe to assume that most older buildings on South Beach have elevators that might be on the smaller end.  The hallways were a cross between dark like the club or dark like those cheesy haunted houses that pop up every October.  Not feeling the dark hallway at all, put in some light.  The hallway also had a very pungent marijuana odor that was on and off throughout the stay at SLS (not judging but you should know this).  

The room was very sexy and very small.  No closets or dressers anywhere to be found. However the beds were very plush and comfortable.  I appreciated that the room was facing Collins Avenue, yet one could not hear noise from the street.  That my friends is always a big plus.  The bathroom was also on the smaller end but if you like showering with multiple people, this is the hotel for you!  The bathroom had the longest shower, with rain-shower type head on one end and a more traditional head on the other.  Since I find great joy in showering alone, I only used the rain-shower head and left the other head off.  

Overall, SLS lives up to its brand of style, luxury, and service.  Yet with that there is a hefty price tag that comes with it.  My hat is off to those who come here often but this is a great hotel for celebrating a special events for the “average” person.  


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