Trim APP: Helps You Save Money from Auto Subscription Bills

Managing your monthly expenses, regular bills and your monthly subscription is not easy. Sometimes, you forget the exact due date of your credit card bills. In short, that will lead you to pay the expected charges from the bank.

Now, that’s the problem. You are less aware where your money goes and some of your extraneous and smaller costs.

Here is the secret:

Trim financial manager app.

It’s simple.

It will help you save money by analyzing your bank and credit card accounts.


  • Canceling auto subscriptions.
  • Fighting bank fees.  
  • Activating shopping coupons for selected purchases by your credit card.

Now, let’s make it somewhere awesome.


What is Trim Financial Manager?

The truth is, Trim Financial Manager is not an App. It is a Chatbot that works through Facebook messenger or thru text message.

Check it out.

Started after Trim’s founders had noticed important things:

Continue paying rental insurance for an apartment that they no longer lived. And Trim was also paying his video subscription plans that they no longer used.

Go solve it!


How does Trim app work?

I am ready, are you?

First, you get started with trim. Enjoy the services by signing up for an account and linking your credit card accounts.

The trim financial manager can then save your money on autopilot by:

  • Manage Subscriptions. Trim will notify you a list via text or messenger on your paying subscriptions. From your insurance to streaming services and gym membership. Also to magazines, or monthly clothing boxes and cancels the ones you don’t want.
  • Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, and other bills. Trim will help negotiate your bill on your behalf. And analyze your bill to see if it can find ways to maintain your plan at a lower cost. The chatbot is responsible to find out promotions and discounts to help you save money. Hence, keep you from overpaying.
  • Check your Spending. You can ask Trim on how much you’re spending for this month. Trim will help you to avoid over-drafting your bank account. It will also assist you in monitoring your bank accounts balances. As well as for subscriptions.

Here is the catch:

If in case you should be on the margin of spending more than your balance. Trim enables you an alert to prevent any overdrafts. And in the event of an error in fee charges, Trim will help you fight those as well.

  • Simple Savings. It will automatically apply the discount. Get this feature when you link your Visa credit card to Trim. You can avail $10 coupon on your next visit to your favorite grocery store. Enrolling in Trim, savings is possibly applied to your groceries, dining, and shopping.

On a weekly basis, Trim will send you offers for different stores or retailers. This will help you to save money every time you shop there, all you need is to activate these offers. After you do the offer’s spending requirements, the Trim will pay you.


Then at this point, you realized…

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How much Trim financial Manager cost?

According to Trim website, the current services for:

  • Trim Financial Manager
  • Trim savings
  • Subscription cancellation fee

These are all for free to use, and free to sign up.

Trim doesn’t sell or rent your information and none of your finances is stored on their servers.

Can this be true?

The way Trim makes money is by charging you a fee for negotiating your Comcast bill. They will charge you a fixed 25% of the first month’s savings.

Sounds good?

Bottom Line

Trim Financial Manager will help you save money. From your subscription, spending hidden, credit card cost and other bills. By means of helping you analyze and manage your subscription. They assist you to negotiate your bills and monitoring your spending habits. This is very user’s friendly and free of charge.


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