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Understanding the Concept of Sharing Economy

List of Websites the People can Use

Sharing is loving. And that particular value has been sweeping off as a business. Sharing economy concept is gaining popularity in advanced countries. Though, it had gathered controversies and contradictions from different sectors.

Let’s dig in a little about it, to help us understand the idea (even the basic ones). As there have been a lot of vagueness and confusions which leads to doubts about the terminology. The truth of the matter is, this could be an interesting topic to tackle.

Interesting to note the different idea it conveys. As the thought of sharing in this context is a little peculiar from our cultural practices.

The Simple Definition

“Sharing economy is an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals either for free or with a fee.

– Google

This is via websites that are of course run by the power of the internet.

As a touch base, “sharing” in a traditional sense, is an action we do with trusted individuals. Like our family, friends, and neighbors.

But, today’s sharing stage promotes offering partition to strangers. Hence, this is something that critics have seen loopholes because it has a greater degree of risk. Besides to that, most of the services offered are personal like car, food or even extra room in your home.

Yet, it should not end there. A technology-driven industry as such has a strong historical basis. Thus, the people behind this concept are confident in using it. It is just like you are sharing your idea or contents online.

Some good examples of these are file-sharing, music and video sharing.

Another insight from a critic’s point of view:

“Sharing does not entail any monetary involvement in the supposition.”

The term “sharing” might be a misleading ad since the right words should have been “renting”. But, they have seen the definition in a different context. Because sharing could also mean sharing the cost or expenses.

With all the arguments emerging about sharing economy, it made the idea too broad. The terminology used is more appealing.

And has a positive value which can get a higher response rate, so it has been used by the industry.

Now, why don’t we look at the bright side of the opportunity it offers?

Check this short list  of the best sharing companies that we can open an account with:

We can look at this as a way of changed and improved way of life. This gives a better and positive effect on the collaboration of ideas for all consumers


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Room Sharing

This involves an individual person who has an extra space in their home. That they are willing to offer to other people for use. This option is more economical for the renter compared as to booking to a hotel. Below are some room sharing websites:


A room sharing website that of course requires a monetary deal. This is for people who have an extra room or like to let their own room be rented out while they are away for vacation. Visit their website for more information.

Other similar rooms sharing sites are BedyCasa and Wimdu.


This is room sharing site that is free of charge. Interesting way to meet new friends from different part of the globe. If you wish to become a host, rather than renting out a room or space, list it to verified members on this website. Check this out now.

Ride Sharing

This is another service that we can enjoy and it comes in different fashions. It could be a company owned shared car or a personal vehicle. Check the some of them below:


It is a company who owns a fleet of cars that offers users to rent cars from them for a monthly fee. Want to check on them, click here.

Zipcar is another company that works similarly with Car2Go.


An app based service that lets you drive for their company. This means you can drive individuals and send them to their destinations in exchange for money. And it is a cheaper ride for people who need to reach from one destination to another. Click here for more information.

Sidecar works just like Lyft but with its own version of the benefits offered.

There are still many sharing economy concept based companies that are existing today. For Stuff Sharing, you can visit Yerdle, Craigslist, eBay and a lot more.

If you are looking for services, you can check Vayable, TaskRabbit, Upwork, and others.

And for Park sharing, check out FightCar and Park Circa.

Wrap Up

Sharing is built from a relationship. Yet in modern times, we have evolved into something wider as compared to its basic definition.

As the sharing economy stirred the traditional way of thinking. We have opened up to a brighter idea on how we can create an earning out of it. Yes, no denial, it is another good way to generate income. With just simple steps in getting there, it is as easy as 1-2-3.

But, we need to consider and weigh things over. Before jumping into something that seems to be critical.

First, room sharing depends on your own personal value. Like renting out your own personal room takes away your privacy, more or less. So, you have to examine first on how you see and live your life. Trends should not bother your own outlook or preference.

Second, think of your safety at all times. Strangers will be strangers until you have met and knew them. Well, we don’t have to be very bleak towards the idea but it is the reality. But, in a business person’s perspective, the risk is some sort of a monochrome, you might not see but it’s there.

True, risk is there. But a good business reduces the effect of the presence of it. That is why a good calculation must be considered. So, this is where sharing economy companies take its role. They need to have a solid foundation on how to make both parties get the security high and risk at low.

Learning more about how this makes a perfect business is a good start for anybody who wants it for a living. Sharing economy has both pros and cons. But as long as both joiners are doing this in good faith, everyone gets the benefit. A brighter chance for anyone who is looking for an extra income.



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