Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge: A Healthy Way to Make Money, Join Now.

Weight loss management of often struggling to different people. It takes lots of discipline and motivation to persevere in doing the routine. But, a reward system can be an effective way to stick to your health plan. And, here is a great way to stay on track, get paid to weight loss.

Yes, you have read it right!

There are many platforms that can help us stay fit and earn at the same time. Check out these 7 not just money making apps but also to keep you fit and healthy.

Option #1: DeitBet

This is an app that makes you earn an extra cash while working out. An amazing way to stay motivated in shedding off some fats. And, it is even more fun since it allows you to challenge another fitness enthusiast to join. By following a healthy meal plan and exercise routines. Plus, a small investment of money as an entry fee in using the app, you’re already bound for fun and fitness.
The fee is so minimal as compared to the earning potential it has for you. So do not give up the challenge of working out.

In every achievement, there is a reward waiting. Yet, for incomplete challenges, you will get penalized. That’s discipline.
It is available in iOS and Android. Download now!

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Option #2: StepBet

This app pays you to do what you do every single day – take a walk. By moving your feet by means of stepping, you will earn extra cash once you will accomplish your goal. Bet on yourself, and if you achieve your target, you will split the pot among others. It is not so much of a competition, all you have to do is to get your goal and you’ll be paid.

Every day, the app will provide you a step goal. The counting automatically starts once the daily target is set. Just walk, or take yourself to one point to another to let your device get to count in.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Get it now.

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Option #3: Sweatcoin

Another app that will take your sweat out, which give you a reward such as gadgets, fitness kits and others. Also, the chance to give donations to charitable institutions. So, step outdoors now.

After downloading the app, it tracks and verifies each step. It is taken up through your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location. then it will be then converted to Sweatcoins. A 1000 steps outside is equal to 0.95 Sweatcoin.

Sweat? With this app, earning extra is at all no sweat!

Download the app now! iOs or Android

Option #4 HealthyWage

Weight loss has never been as exciting as this one. This 4.2 star rated app allows anyone interested in the shedding of extra weights. Or to people who just like to do a variety of fitness regimes to make money. A great experience of losing fats while gaining cash, such an awesome deal, isn’t it?

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Option #5: Cash for Steps

United Healthcare is a health insurance company. They aim to keep their members stay in good physical shape. This is their way to save, by less health insurance claims. They provide them with each fellow an activity tracker. That will monitor the steps they take every day.

There is a daily target called FIT (Frequency, Intensity, Tenacity) and once they hit the goal they’ll earn cash.

The money they will get will be credited in their health reimbursement or savings.


Being health conscious payoff. And with these tricks are invented to motivate us more. Whether a weight loss challenges are no longer hard to complete. The motivation to gain cash while losing weight and staying fit. This makes no lazy feet will have to complain about waking up and get moving. On whatever side you’ll look at, it is a winning situation.


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