When it is time to hire someone to do your dirty work

This is not a post about my adventure into the underworld.  Although I do like the title and think it sounds pretty bad ass.  I most of my community have figured out I have multiple side hustles.  One of them is slinging shirts.  The world of the side hustle is not a new world to me.  I was side hustling back when I was a freshman in college.

I have held down various jobs since I was fourteen years old. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get a job freshman year as I attended college not only out of state but out of state and a place where I knew nobody.  Being a woman of my word, I did not get a job per se but I needed money coming into my room.  Therefore I became the candy lady of the second floor.  

My co-partner and I bought a hand basket with wheels and we were in business. We took the subway several stops to Sam’s Club and bought about $50 worth of goods. Pastries, sodas, candy, ramin, and every other type of delicious a freshman girl could want.  I went to the library, created and printed a menu, and a business was born.  I made decent money but I didn’t keep records so the amount is unknown.  I always had enough change for the laundromat so that was a plus.  

I’m getting off topic.  Fast forward twenty years (damn I feel old writing that).  I realize that I have my limitations in terms of time, ability, and capabilities.  I have spent the past few days on Skype, which is a platform I don’t use often, interviewing graphic designers to help me business grow.  I think I found someone I like, so I’m feeling hopefully.  I have positions I would love to be able to hire but I’m taking it step by step at this point so I can only afford to hire a graphic designer.  The end goal is to be able to hire a virtual assistant and really just be the manager of my operation.  Has outsourcing become a part of your business plan?  How do you find people to outsource in order to help your business grow?

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