Why should you consider Teaching English Online at 51Talk?

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it in tales sweat, determination and hard work”

– Colin Powell

We can consider teaching as a job that we all have to awe from. Without your teachers, formal or informal ones, you cannot learn anything. With the technology, teaching English online has become a tool for many to earn income. Unfortunately, there are also many unwanted stories that we can find all over the web, so we also have to be careful.

51Talk (Five-One-Talk) is a home-based Online ESL platform established in 2011, in China. In 2012, it started its operation in the Philippines offering online teaching jobs.

Interestingly, the company’s name can be translated as “I want to talk”. In Chinese, five sounds like the word “I” while one is homophone to “want”. That is the reason why teachers give a lot of talking time to their students during classes.

Make sense, right? It requires their students really practice the language thru conversation.

Good things about 51Talk

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True enough that before we join a company to work for, we look into its bright and promising side. Who doesn’t? So, the next thing we do is to search the internet and by clicking enter, boom! Not really surprising. Lots of disappointing comments and feedback will slam into our faces.

There are only two things that will happen next: move away or dig deeper and seek the truth.

Well, we don’t have to spill everything here. Some good or bad things about them will give you a great start to head on to your next best decision.

  1. There are on only 4 easy steps before launching. It includes the New Teacher’s Training
  2. Well-guided training provided upon completion of the requirements. An 8-hour Training via Skype is conducted before placing you on board. It is an advantage. Simply because it adds knowledge. So if you are better, you have placed yourself as a higher value online teacher.

    Training is a factor to become effective and efficient which you can keep forever. It adds value to your working experience. No one else can take that away from you. So enjoy and learn as much as you can.

  3. You can get free certification training that helps you upgrade skills.
  4. Gets at least 32 classes per week, 5 days a week. This sounds great though, for possible higher income and teaching practice.
  5. Larger time range 10 AM to 11 PM, Beijing Time. This could mean wherever you are in the world, you can work early in the morning or at night. You choose.
  6. Earning potential is good. Upon review, an American teacher can earn at least $11 USD per 25-minute class. Yet, the pay may vary from one teacher to another depending on the experience. This scenario is normal, logic tells us that experience has its price.
  7. Another good reason is, you will be teaching to Asian learners. It will help you understand cultures which are different from yours. It bridges the gap and breaks barriers.

But then again

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Well, we need to understand that 51Talk is a business after all. They are too loud about themselves in their ads and they missed to be more specific on what they mean to say. But true enough that we can point out some cons, which will help us make a better decision later on.

  1. Penalties. Yes, it sounds awful being penalized when it is not all the teacher’s fault. But, surely the management should be working on that.
  2. Racial discrimination and rate difference. Not good, but we can say that maybe they are looking into the learning process of the students. The company might be looking at their goal to make it a point that students will have to converse with ease.But if it is about the experience gained by these teachers. Well, all we can say is, higher experience deserves a pay for its worth. And, if getting the largest pay means working a lot, then it is human.
  3. Being very strict in attendance and performance. It is not exactly wrong to be obedient if that would be the case. Success starts with good discipline. So, is not a 100% con for us. But we understand that stringent rules make people uncomfortable, just saying.



Get 20% off $50 at Crayola.com!With all the things we know about 51Talk, why are we to consider them? As much as possible, we want to help anyone who is actually looking for a decent income or to earn an extra buck. Whichever is the case, we want you to have an informed decision. No one truly knows which one fit for something unless weighed over.

Experience is the best teacher. And it differs from one person to another yet most likely, it depends on how we react or deal with it.

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